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Antique Model Ships At Premier Ship Models, we offer hundreds of modern and historic ship models, including sailing ships, cargo ships, cruise ships, tankers, speed boats, and more. If you are looking for antique model ships, model sailboats, or vintage model boats and yacht models, you will find exceptional quality models in our Standard, Premium, Superior, and Custom ranges to satisfy every collector. Add a piece of history to your collection with an antique or historical ship model. If you love antique wooden ship models, you will love the Antique Model Yacht in our Standard Range. We also offer a large selection of historical ships, clippers, steamers, and wooden model ships from different time periods in history. Our historical ship models are exact replicas of the original vessels, down to the smallest detail. When you want something a little closer to modern nautical history, our vintage model boats and yacht models bring many famous ships from the early twentieth century to life. Collectors rave about our vintage model boats and yachts, such as the 1930s classic model yacht, J yachts, America’s Cup Columbia, Blue Nose, Newport Sloop, and other renowned vessels. Our inventory includes hundreds of historic model ships, antique model ships, vintage model boats and yachts, sailing ships, and model sailboats. You will find the right model to fit your preferences and budget in our Standard, Premier, and Superior Ranges. Every model is handcrafted with this highest quality materials and attention to detail. Custom Ship Models We find that many customers have a connection to a specific antique, vintage, or historical ship. Our model makers craft custom antique wooden ship models for our customers. We utilize a unique custom build process to produce exquisite antique model ships that are crafted in the image of the original vessel, down to the smallest detail. For some collectors, building a model ship is an essential element of the hobby. We offer exceptional quality sailing ship model kits that vary in level of difficulty. Our collection of kits includes antique, classic, and modern sailing ships to provide the right type of vessel and level of challenge for the individual customer. Our models come with detailed plans and instruction books to make building your own model enjoyable. Whether you want a ready-made model of an antique, historical, or vintage ship or prefer to build your own models, Premier Ship Models has you covered. Take some time to browse through our expansive collection to find the perfect addition to your own.
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