British Pioneer Tanker Model Boat (Standard Range) – GN

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TK0125P - GN

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Dimensions L x H x W 36 × 110 × 30 cm


British Pioneer Tanker Model Boat

Ready-made and custom model ships can be found for virtually any vessel. Collectors often choose to feature a specific type of vessel in their collections, while others display different types of ships. Premier Ship Models offers kits, ready-made, and custom ships in a variety of designs, including tankers, in our London shop, shows, and our online store. The British Pioneer tanker model boat is in our Standard Range. The British Tanker Company was founded in 1915 to build tanker ships for the oil industry. Today, the company is known as BP Shipping, which is part of the BP group of companies. Tanker ships fall into two categories: crude oil tankers and chemical tankers, which are used to carry different chemicals. The British Pioneer tanker was built in 1971 and used as a crude oil taker. This ship was built by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd for British Petroleum and served the purpose of hauling crude oil for more than a decade. British Petroleum eventually sold the vessel to Irano-British Ship Service Co. Ltd. The ship was damaged in 1985 after coming under fire and being struck by a missile from an Iraqi aircraft. The ship was towed and broken up in Taiwan in 1986. Every model sold by Premier Ship Models is handcrafted using quality materials and attention to detail to provide an exquisite replica of the original ship. This model features the distinctive red painted hull and built with a planks on frame construction method. The deck is an exact replica of the original ship, down to the smallest detail. You will be delighted with the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Our custom model boats can be found in the homes and offices of collectors, as well as restaurants, marinas, and even marine museums. We have included multiple photographs of the model from various angles, including close up images to enable you to see the detailed designs of our products. Place your order online for fast processing and delivery to your door. Please contact us for more information.

This Vessel Type is Tanker
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