All deliveries are sent from our Head Office in the UK but we have agents worldwide that will be able to assist locally.

You can either: 

1. Order online, where payments will be taken at the checkout stage.

2. Place the order over the phone on +1 866 210 96 96 or by email [email protected] where an invoice will be raised and payment  process.

Once payment has been received, the order will go through the system

We do on certain products. If you have found a product cheaper elsewhere please contact us and we will try to match the price

Some ready made models arrive fully assembled and ready for display. Some ready made models arrive with the masts down to save on shipping costs, but can be easily assembled in 15 minutes or less. If you have any doubts please contact us

The superior, premier and custom range models are made in our own workshop in the same way that real ships are built. We create the skeleton of the hull and then plank the model and build the superstructure, deck and fittings on top

Most standard range models are built in the same way but they are not manufactured in our own workshop 

Our full terms and conditions can be found here

Superior and Premier Range models are made in our own workshop from a mixture of teak and sapele wood. This allows us to have better control over the quality and finish of the model. We manufacture parts for our range of model boats and have a range of specialist machinery to undertake bespoke construction in our workshops.

Standard range models are supplied to us from overseas workshops (normally in the Far East) and are made in a factory setting. This allows the cost and eventual price to be kept down. Although the quality is still good it is not the same compared with our own models

We have delivered to over 100 countries. To see where we have delivered too please click here

Any information you provide when creating an account on our website or checking out is kept in a secure server. We will never share any of your information with a third party. We may contact you to share news and promotions but only after having received your permission to do so. This is in line with EU legislation (General Data Protection Regulation)

Due to popular demand we have been building custom models for over 10 years. We can make a model of virtually any ship as long as we have pictures and/or plans. 

The ship models in our premier, superior and custom range are made from a mixture of teak and sapele wood

Our models are delivered by courier (TNT/Fedex) and can be tracked from the point they are picked up by our driver. To learn more about our delivery procedures please click here

The delivery time depends on what you have ordered. Most model kits, standard range ready made models and r/c boats can be delivered within 7-10 business days but normally sooner

We accept Paypal, credit card and BACS transfer. To learn more about our payment terms please click here

Please read our full refund policy here

All kits on our range include the parts and pieces for the construction of a Ready to Display Model. Unless otherwise indicated, Kits do not come with Tools, Paints, Stains or RC Components. Most Kits are generally made up of Laser Etched Sheets, Wooden Planking and additional components for the finishing touches such as Cannons or Rigging Materials. Depending on the Hull Type a model may contain a pre-built hull or be formed from a Skeleton which would then be planked over. Each kit contains instructions and/or plans to assist your construction and usually include a Parts List for the items inside the kit.

Kits come with the pieces to produce a Display Model, but rarely come with Tools and never come with Glue. For every project, a good supply of Glue will be necessary to get started and we would expect a decent selection of model making/craft tools would be necessary for the majority of kits on our range. We recommend new starters select from our All-in-One Kits Range, which includes our Glue and Filler Set as well as some essential tools for new model makers. For more experienced builders and those who wish to begin Scratch-building projects, we have a range of more complicated tools to allow for parts construction. Get in touch with us to discuss if you might need some particular Tools for the model you have selected.


The Model Kits on our range are not toys and even the most basic and simple Models on the range would be a project for more than a rainy afternoon. Due to the variance of the model kits, and the difference in model makers ability, time constraints and dedication it is impossible to give a general rule for how long the model will take to produce, however, every kit would be expected to be at least a week to complete.

We do not stock Spare Parts, Additional Pieces or components for the Model Kits on our range unless otherwise stated. Sails Sets may or may not be included in the model kit and the images of the kit and art on the box are not always indicative of their presence in a kit. Unless otherwise stated, kits do not come with Paints, Stains or Varnishes and we do not hold stock of such items.

The Instructions and Plans sets for the model kits on our range will always be included in the box. Most of the time there is an English Translation of the model, but this is indicated on the Product Page for the Model Kit. While not always possible, many of the kits on our range have their instructions available publicly online. You can always get in touch with our team if you would like to check if there are instructions available for the model kit you are interested in!

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