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HMS Victory Cross Section in our Premier Range

One of the oldest warships of Britain’s Royal Navy, HMS Victory is most famous for being the flagship of Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. The historic ship was also associated with several other battles besides serving as a harbor ship, hospital ship and signal training centre during its service life. Currently preserved as a museum ship, the HMS Victory stands in dry dock at Portsmouth England.

The Journey of HMS Victory

The ship was ordered in 1758 and launched in 1765 but had to wait for 13 years before its commissioning for sea in 1778. The HMS Victory was made the flagship of Augustus Keppel’s Channel fleet. In July 1778, the ship took part in the indecisive battle of Ushant which was followed by its participation in the relief of Gibraltar as the flagship of Lord Howe. This was followed by a rest period of eight years in Portsmouth.

In 1792, the HMS Victory was made the flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Samuel Hood’s Mediterranean fleet which occupied Toulon besides capturing Bastia and Corsica. The ship was also part of the fleet which sailed in 1797 to intercept a large Spanish convoy guarded by 27 ships. The British fleet broke the Spanish line and inflicted lots of damage on the Spanish ships while capturing a number of vessels.

Participation in these battles was followed by reconditioning and reconstruction work which continued from 1800 to 1803. Following this, HMS Victory became the flagship of Lord Nelson’s Mediterranean Fleet. Napoleon was planning to invade Britain and Lord Nelson was asked to thwart such efforts. As the British lines approached the combined fleet of French and Spanish ships, Nelson uttered the famous words “England expects that every man will do his duty.” During this war, Nelson was wounded and died but not before he successfully thwarted Napoleon’s efforts to capture Britain. HMS Victory sailed back to England with the body of Nelson.

After a reconditioning and some basic repairs in 1808, the HMS Victory re-entered service as the flagship of Sir James Saumarez’s Baltic fleet and remained in the Baltic until 1812. A symbol of the Royal Navy’s supremacy, HMS Victory is currently operating as a museum ship. This historic ship can be ordered for your homein various sizes, and there are other models available of modern ships or yachts at Premier Ship Models, a leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble or ready to decorate model ships.

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