The Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards

Published on 20/05/22

The Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards were first launched in 2021, and they aim to focus on – and subsequently celebrate – the expertise, accomplishments and contributions to the local community made by both individuals and companies. The Awards themselves enable businesses based in Hertfordshire to exhibit their performance and extraordinary achievements to clients, customers, suppliers and the entire local community. 

We applied for the category of Excellence in International Trade, and are thrilled to announce that we made the list of finalists! Throughout COVID-19, we not only managed to survive thanks to our exportation and e-commerce structure, but actually flourish! Premier Ship Models have always been proud of our global outreach, delivering models to eighty-five countries around the world.

This is achieved through a steady stream of content that’s posted online, such as social media posts, blogs and case studies. Furthermore, our excellent attention-to-detail means the ships themselves are always of the best quality they can possibly be. Customer service is efficient and reliable, and so clients are able to communicate with us and track the progress of their orders, and this means we can export to clientele all across the globe, as previously mentioned.

- See Above: Batil

- See Above: Baghla Suri

An important project that helped us reach this stage in the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards is the work we conducted for the Across the Ages Museum, in Oman. This national museum itself is a new build, and aims to celebrate the birth of Oman as a nation, as well as its rich heritage. Hopefully the museum will praise human aspirations, and aid in inspiring generations of Omanis to come to connect to their history.

It was a huge honour for us to carry work out for the Across the Ages Museum. We worked closely with maritime experts as well as representatives for the museum to ensure the accuracy of each model was flawless. In total, we constructed nine models for the museum:

  • Jewel of Muscat
  • Imaum
  • Baghla Suri
  • Sultanah
  • Ship Model 1 (British)
  • Ship Model 2 (Dutch)
  • Ship Model 3 (Portuguese)
  • Bombay Grab
  • Omani Ship Batil

Some of these models measured in at almost 2,000 millimetres in length, and so the level of detail needed to be extraordinary. The three more generic models represent the historical connection between Oman and other European nations, and it’s a privilege to be able to display our models in such a prestigious location.

- See Above: Jewel of Muscat

- See Above: Portuguese Galleon

Other phenomenal projects have been carried out, and one that is being worked on at the moment is our rendition of a custom 1797 HMS Neptune. It is due to be delivered to the United States. For this, we liaised with our North American representative. So far, it is a terrific reflection of the ship’s legacy. It’s a steady and careful process, but good progress is still being made to ensure the accuracy of this model. The hull is sturdy and broad, and they act as excellent foundations for the rest of the ship model. We’re all greatly looking forward to the end product, and are sure it’ll be more than satisfactory!

- See Above: Images of the HMS Neptune in progress

We are so honoured to have made it this far in the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards, and are eagerly anticipating the ceremony in early June! Our international standards and outreach have helped to create this fantastic platform for us, and we’re thrilled to see where it leads in the future.

- Jack Ratledge

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