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The Xebec Model Boat from OMH is a stunning replica of the traditional Mediterranean sailing vessel, known for its speed and agility on the water. Measuring 35 x 7 x 27 inches, this non-RC model is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, including premium hardwoods and brass fittings, and features exceptional attention to detail.

The hull of the model boat is sleek and streamlined, with a distinctive red and black finish that is inspired by the colors of traditional Mediterranean sailing vessels. The Xebec also features a large, triangular mainsail and two smaller jibs, which are designed to catch the wind and propel the boat forward at high speeds.

The Xebec Model Boat from OMH is also equipped with a wide range of intricate details, including realistic rigging and lines, brass fittings, and a finely crafted helm. The boat’s spacious deck is perfect for displaying additional details, such as cargo, crew members, or other nautical accessories.

The OMH Xebec Model Boat is a true masterpiece of nautical craftsmanship and is perfect for display in a home or office, or as a centerpiece for a collection of sailing memorabilia. It is also a great gift for anyone who loves boats, history, or Mediterranean culture.

History of the Xebec:
The Xebec is a traditional sailing vessel that was commonly used in the Mediterranean region during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was known for its speed and maneuverability, which made it an ideal vessel for chasing and capturing pirate ships, as well as for transporting goods and passengers across the Mediterranean Sea.

The Xebec typically had three masts, with a large triangular mainsail and two smaller jibs. The boat was also equipped with a distinctive “lateen” sail, which was a triangular sail mounted on a long, diagonal spar that extended from the top of the mast to the rear of the boat. This unique sail design allowed the Xebec to sail close to the wind and achieve high speeds, even in rough seas.

The Xebec was also known for its sleek and agile design, with a narrow hull and sharp, pointed bow. This design allowed the boat to navigate through narrow channels and shallow waters, which made it an ideal vessel for navigating the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean.

Today, the Xebec is primarily used for recreation and as a symbol of Mediterranean culture and history. The OMH Xebec Model Boat is a beautiful and accurate representation of this iconic sailing vessel, and is sure to be a cherished addition to any collection of nautical memorabilia.

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