Ulises RC Model Boat Kit – Occre (61001)

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61001 - OCC

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The Ulises was a tall tugboat during the 1960s. At this point in time, maritime traffic was incredibly intense and somewhat disorganised in various parts of the world. It was however, constant and highly important.

Maritime activity comes with great risk, even to this day, and so obviously, it was no different in the mid-20th Century. Tugboats were of vital importance, and they aided suffering ships in a variety of ways. Metal was the basis in terms of construction for nearly all ships back then, with a percentage of wood. Tugboats took advantage of the great levels of resistance of steel for the hull, and the comfort of wood in the living areas. The model perfectly encapsulates this intricacy and detail. Tugboats are quite clearly ‘working boats,’ and in many people’s eyes, not the most aesthetically appealing. However, they can be pleasing in terms of singular beauty, as they are purely vessels who do their purpose, and do it well.

Occre allow you to perfectly reimagine the Ulises, and you’ll be able to reproduce a model step by step with their easy-to-follow instructions.

The option to implement an RC system is included, which allows for creativity and space for imagination.

This Vessel Type is Tugboat
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