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Introducing the magnificent replica of the iconic ocean liner SS United States, crafted by the master shipbuilders at Old Modern Handicrafts (OMH). This museum-quality model stands as a testament to the timeless elegance and unparalleled engineering of the original SS United States.

The SS United States was built in 1952 as the flagship vessel of the United States Lines, and set the world record for the fastest transatlantic crossing by a passenger ship, a record that still stands today. The ship’s sleek design and powerful propulsion system were a testament to American engineering prowess and helped establish the country as a dominant player in the global maritime industry.

The OMH SS United States Model is  handcrafted from the finest materials available. The model measures 32 inches in length and features intricate details such as brass railings, lifeboats, and rigging.

One of the most striking features of the model is its precision-engineered hull, which is crafted from the highest quality wood and painted in the original SS United States colors of red, white, and blue. The model also includes a detailed display stand, making it an impressive centerpiece for any home, office, or museum.

OMH has spared no effort in creating an accurate representation of the SS United States, with every aspect of the model meticulously researched and crafted to ensure its historical accuracy. This attention to detail is evident in the ship’s iconic funnel design, which features a series of intricate flanges and vents that were essential to the ship’s performance and appearance.

The OMH SS United States Model is a must-have for any maritime enthusiast, history buff, or collector of fine model ships. It is a tribute to the enduring legacy of the SS United States and a celebration of American ingenuity and innovation.

In summary, the OMH SS United States Model is a beautifully crafted replica of the legendary ocean liner that captures the essence of the original ship’s design and engineering. Its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a standout addition to any collection, and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest achievements in American maritime history.

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