Silver Fox Laser 28 Sailing Boat

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PSM251 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 25 × 68 × 29 cm

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Sails rolled up or down


Silver Fox Laser 28 Sailing Boat

About Cruiser-Racer Boat

Laser boats have an interesting tale to tell. Light vessels with fractional sloop rigs that allow you to soak-in every moment of sailing on blue waters have an uncrowned queen – the Silver Fox Laser 28. This sailing boat has some serious racing DNA too. Considered the ideal boat to spend a day with your friends, sunbathing and enjoying cocktails – is how most folks describe the Laser 28. The sailing boat designed by Bruce Farr has gained legendary credentials despite not being a typically historic boat.

Built by Sailcarft in collaboration with Laser International, the Silver Fox Laser 28 was first created in 1983 – rather recent as compared to boats that are associated with heritage of any kind. However, the Laser 28, which was last built in 1990, comes across as a credible performer. Boating enthusiasts call it the perfect Cruiser-Racer. Yes, you can race nearly any boat but when you want that performance worthy of being talked about, or when you want the agility and ease of manoeuvring, you can trust the Silver Fox Laser 28.

This boat is not huge by any standards but the 28-foot mark defines the agility it has. The Bruce Farr creation continues to be pursued by boat collectors, making Laser 28 a contemporary classic. Silver FoxLaser 28 comes with more-than-basic accommodation. You get around 6 feet of standing headroom that is impressive for any 28-feet cruising boat. The boat can easily host 5 adults with its wide, double V berth. The Laser 28 is about over-achieving. Consider this – its converted dinette is close to 7 feet and despite using 2 coolers along with an inbuilt head aft, the Laser 28 boat hosts a full galley apart from facilities like a very functional marine toilet.

Laser 28 is the epitome of smartly built boats. The innovatively engineered grid ensures that the rig and keel loads are distributed evenly. The full-core sandwich construction keeps this rig simple and easy to handle. The cavernous walk-in locker is another highlight – a feature that is not associated with boats of this size!

Details of the model ship

Every imitation ship model is preceded by extensive research, including procuring hard-to-find drawings and diagrams. Rare photographs are put together to ensure the model blueprint is nailed to perfection.

  • Hand painted hull and rolled-down sails
  • Model ready to be shipped internationally
  • Expect museum-like quality with fine detailing
  • Can be used as a thoughtful, exclusive gifting option
  • Personalised name plate if you don’t like the standard nameplate
  • Worthy of being flaunted on a countertop or desk in your living room
  • Part of our expanding collection of hand-sculpted models with interesting nautical history

We have an interesting array of model ships ranging from historical boats to contemporary cruise liners and bulk carriers. The Silver Fox Laser 28 Sailing Boat model underlines how we capture essence of the original vessel despite a scaled-down model. Professional expertise is visible in every angle and nook of the model – the work our maritime craftsmen who work with premium hardwoods and handpicked materials. Expect an easy customization experience. We work with you, to help you understand aspects of the model that can be personalized, ensuring the model does not lose its technical preciseness.

This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht
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