Riva Aquarama Runabout Model Boat Kit – Amati (1608)

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1608 - AMA

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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 70 × 15 cm





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R/C Compatible


Riva Aquarama Runabout Model Boat Kit


During the 1960’s, Italian manufacturer Riva made waves in the industry after the release of the Aquarama. Some have called it a legend of the nautical world and labelled it as the Ferrari equivalent in boating terms. It’s not clear what it is about the Aquarama that has captured the heart of so many avid sailors.

It is perhaps the sleek varnished mahogany finish that the 8 metre long hull showcases as the boat cruises along at speeds of up to 50 knots, using its 400 hp engine. Many have speculated that it is in fact the windscreen, which was inspired by the developing Cinerama period in the 1960’s. The windscreen was curved and wrapped its way around the front of the boat, giving passengers a full view of what was around them. There is no doubt that the Aquarama has earned its place in history and it is hard to find any nautical enthusiast who hasn’t heard of her.

Details of the model yacht kit

Premier Ship Models have been offering finely detailed ready-made models of the Aquarama for some time now. We are excited to now be offering the chance for our customers to build a replica of the legendary vessel themselves. Using laser cut technology, Italian producer Amati have managed to produce this beautiful scale replica kit for people to build from scratch.

This kit includes all necessary fixtures and fittings needed to complete the model. There are full instructions included with the kit in plain English. The instructions are easy to follow and you should not have any problems, but if you do have any questions throughout the build, then please feel free to contact us.

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This Vessel Type is Speedboat
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