HMS Unicorn Ship Model Kit – Corel (SM11)

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HMS Unicorn Model Ship Kit


George II was lucky to have reigned over a relatively peaceful era in British history, much in contrast to his successor, grandson George III, who was blighted by various wars including the threat of Napoleon. This tranquil period did not stop him or the Royal Navy commissioning vessels for the defence of the British Empire, such as the HMS Unicorn, which was heavily armed with 24-guns atop her deck.

The heavily-armed HMS Unicorn was the first vessel of her type, that being one to hold this many cannons. In addition to the 24 on deck, there were a further four hiding in the quarter deck. This made her a dangerous vessel and would inspire later warships of the period. HMS Unicorn spent much of her early life in the Mediterranean, most likely warding off pirate ships and protecting the routes of trade vessels vital to securing the ever-growing economy of the British Empire. The 28 guns of the HMS Unicorn were powerful against pirates, who could only hope to have matched her speed and agility.

A ship like the HMS Unicorn deserved better than the responsibility to fight pirates, but unfortunately the peaceful era of George II didn’t require for any more. It was not until his grandson George III succeeded him when the HMS Unicorn would truly fulfil her purpose. She played a vital role in securing victory for the British during the Seven Years’ War.

Details of the wooden model ship kit

This model kit is produced by Corel, who have for many years been manufacturing fine scale models using laser cut technology and real ship plans. Corel kits have a good reputation amongst modellers for achieving a high level of accuracy between the model and the original ship.

The kit is built in Scale 1:75 and includes all pieces necessary to fully build a model replica of the HMS Unicorn. It is a plank on frame construction, using walnut with maple and mahogany trim. All fittings and features are included. Instructions are in plain English and easy to follow. If you have any questions about this kit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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