HMS Greyhound Ship Model Kit – Corel (SM59)

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HMS Greyhound Wooden Model Ship Kit


The HMS Greyhound was a typical British frigate of the 17th Century, commonly designed for the purpose of protecting trade vessels and fighting piracy. Life at sea during this period of history was almost always potentially dangerous and with a growing economy across the British Empire, ships were needed to ensure ongoing exporting and importing of goods.

That is why they designed ships such as the HMS Greyhound, which typically had 20 cannons with two rows of oars below the cannon deck, to keep the ship moving when there was no wind. Overtime, vessels like this one proved to be largely ineffective in fighting piracy however, due to their lack of manoeuvrability. The two rows of oars were intended to help the ships be more agile, but the faulty design was no match for the pirate ships, who simply hit them head on.

It slowly became apparent to the British and ship designers that ships like the HMS Greyhound were not fit for purpose, and thus ships of these types were quite rapidly increasingly decommissioned. Because of this, there is little recorded history of the HMS Greyhound, but perhaps you can picture the sight of this boat fighting pirates along the Mediterranean coast.

Details of the ship model kit

This scale of this kit is 1:100 and was constructed by Corel, an Italian producer of high quality model ship kits. We have been selling Corel’s kits for a long time and have always had positive feedback from customers regarding their quality and accuracy. The kit contains all pieces needed to build a perfectly scaled replica of the original HMS Greyhound, including lime-wood and dark walnut strips for plank-on-frame construction. All fittings are included, such as the 20 brass cannons which line the deck of this beautiful vessel.

All instructions are in English. If you have any problems throughout the build, please feel free to contact us. Tools would be extremely useful to help build this kit and are not supplied with the kit itself, please feel free to browse our range of tool kits if you do not already have tools or this is your first build.

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