HMS Cockchafer

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PSM181 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 33 × 69 × 15 cm

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of HMS Cockchafer

If you want to own a unique custom made model of a famous British gunboat, HMS Cockchafer from Premier Ship Models is the right choice. HMC Cockchafer ship model contains all the design features of the original vessel and is built with close attention to every smallest detail. This unique model ship  will appeal to everyone and will look great in every office or home collection.

To provide the best service to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements, this and other models from our custom range are built according to provided pictures, drawings or original plans. The handcrafting of the model is done by our own master artisans who use the best wooden materials and their best skills to deliver a unique model ship. The custom made model of HMS Cockchafer represents the distinguished expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models.

This model offered by Premier Ship Models is a detailed replica of the HMC Cockchafer, a Royal Navy Insect-class gunboat launched in 1915 as a fifth ship carrying this name. Ships from the Insect-class spent much of their service in China despite the fact that they were designed to sail the Danube River. During the First World War, she was commissioned to defend the south east coast of England and she served on the Dvina River in Russia during the intervention of British forces to Russia in 1919-1920.

HMS Cockchafer and several other Insect-class ships were sent to China to patrol and protect the British nationals. HMS Cockchafer was operating on the Yangtze River where one significant accident occurred in 1926 when Cockchafer was sailing in the Wanzhou District, also known as Wanhsien, where she was participating in a rescue mission.

After commissions in the Second World War in China, East Indies and Iran, HMS Cockchafer was transferred to Mediterranean Fleet at Malta to help in operations in Sicily and Elba to end again in Indian Ocean. She was sent to Singapore in 1945 to be placed in reserve and in 1949 as a last surviving Insect class gunboat was sold for scrap.

To own your custom made model of HMS Cockchafer, please feel free to contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

D – 3800

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This Vessel Type is Frigate
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