Hamburg Sud Container Ship Model

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PSM241 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 45 × 200 × 70 cm

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Hamburg Sud Container Ship Model


Hamburg Sud is a container vessel presented by the German enterprise Hamburg Sud Liner Services. The Hamburg Sud Container Ships have come in two series; the second series included 10 vessels. From time to time, the Hamburg Sud Company has regularly invested in new and improved ships, making its vessels one of the most efficient and modern ships that the market has for offer.

Since the company’s formation in 1871, it has emerged as a globally operational transport logistics organisation from being a traditional shipping company. Currently, the company has made its place in the world’s 10 largest container shipping lines. Also, it is one of the top providers of ocean liners in the North-South Ocean trade routes.

Presently, the Hamburg Sud Group operates container vessels in different classes and areas of activity. It provides container ships, bulk carriers, product tankers, and much more. Hamburg Sud is deploying various container ships to South America. These ships are constructed to ideally suit the shallow ports.

The container vessel ensures the best performance with its robust construction. The ship has been used for carrying goods. Also, it is involved in the intercontinental exchange of goods and enjoyed a regular growth in recent years. The Hamburg Sud Liner services stand at 60 percent growth in Europe.

Until 2016, the company was a part of the German-based Oetker Group. However, on 1st December 2016, it has been declared that the shipping division of A.P. Moller–Maersk Group has contracted an agreement to take over the company.

Details of the model ship:

  •  We are experts in nautical decor, delivering hand-painted models of ships that have a place in nautical history
  •  We use traditional detailing. Replicas made by a team of seasoned craftsmen
  •  Hand-painted hull
  •  Personalized nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  •  We create authentic wooden and fibre glass replicas that come with the promise of durability
  •  All fixtures and fittings secured with 100% precision
  •  All windows and portholes exactly sized and positioned according to the original construction plans

Get the best in bespoke ship and boat models, each handcrafted to perfection with every detail of the original vessel replicated to perfection. We work with you, to help you understand the unique customization process, ensuring you get a Hamburg Sud Container Ship model that can be an object of pride. Handcrafted from premium materials and stunningly accurate, this is what you can expect from each ship model we create

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