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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made Endeavour Model yacht

The J-class yacht especially reserved for the elite and wealthy yachtsmen was said to be one of the top rated yachts designed in the 1930s. These yachts were famous for competing with the best players for the America’s Cup and the Endeavour J Class Yacht was said to be one of the best vessels ever built. However, during the period 1930-1937, a number of alterations, like duplication of winches and the use of Duralium for the wing-mast were made to increase the efficiency of the yacht. Charles Ernest Nicholson made a great contribution to the miles covered by the J class yachts as he helped to improve the quality of these yachts.

Endeavour J Class Yacht: A Look at its History

Designed by Charles Ernest Nicholson and built by Camper and Nicholson together, the Endeavour J classyacht dominated the British sailing scene.In 1937, this yacht was found to be disconnected from her tow while sailing across the Atlantic towards Britain. Eventually it was found and was given back to England. She was withvariousowners over the next 46 years. The Endeavour was even sold as scrap in 1947, and was about to bedemolished but was saved just in time by a buyer. Somewhere in the 1970s it sankin the River Medina on the Isleof Wight. She was however, bought back for just 10 pounds by two carpenters who fixed the holes in the vessel using plastic bags and refloated it. Finally, her journey came to an end at Calpot Spit, where she was badly broken with just the hull remaining.

Does the astonishing history of the Endeavour J Class make you want to own one? Well, you can now own a scaled down model of the Endeavour. And if you are boat racing enthusiast, this model boat is an absolute must for your collection. Premier Ship Models has a variety of other boats, yachts and ships to choose from to add to your collection. All are hand-made to the highest standards.

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This Vessel Type is J class yacht
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