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Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade Dunedin Model Ship

The Dunedin ship model has been fully handcrafted and is one of many scale models we have available in our customer range. This superb replica has been elegantly constructed to illustrate true features of the original ship.

Built in 1874, the Dunedin was one of six iron colonial clippers built by Robert Duncan of Port Glasgow, for Patrick Henderson’s Albion Line. A maritime historian, Basil Lubbock, has described the vessels as the perfect specimens of the shipbuilders.

The Dunedin ship was designed to be an immigrant transportation vessel, holding up to 400 passengers. In 1881, she was refitted with a refrigeration machine with which she took the first load of frozen meat from New Zealand to the United Kingdom. She arrived in London on 26th of May, having made a 98 day passage.

The Dunedin continued in the frozen meat trade until it disappeared in 1890, having set sail from New Zealand simultaneously with two other refrigerated ships bound for the UK. No trace was ever found of the Dunedin. It is thought a wager on the first arrival may have led to risks being taken; at the time it was presumed the Dunedin hit an iceberg off Cape Horn.

Using high quality materials this ready-made model would make excellent décor in any room or office. Sure to be a great conversational topic, the scale model would be a welcome addition to any collection and an ultimate gift to a loved one.

With over 12 years’ experience, Premier Ship Models is recognised as a leader in the model making industry.  We are committed to provide the highest quality materials at the most competitive pricing on the market.

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This Vessel Type is Merchant ship
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