Shrimp Boat Half Model

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PSM231 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 16 × 52 × 27 cm

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Cornish Shrimper Half Model


Cornish Shrimper is one of the many small boats from Cornish Crabbers that are used for small-scale fishing. The boat belongs to a fleet of boats at Cornish Crabbers that often captures the attention of boating enthusiasts and serious collectors. Measuring 19 foot, these Cornish boats belong to the Cornish fleet of small boats that usually measure between 12 feet and 26 feet. The boat is as perfect for coastal cruising and gunkholing as it is for racing. This shrimper has a simple design – a gaff-rig sloop that comes with the typically traditional wooden-gaffer look.

Equipped with features like tan sails, gaff rig, bowsprit and clinker lines, Cornish Shrimper clearly appears different from the crowd. Although this salty boat is comparatively new in North America, but it needs no introduction to the natives of England from where it originated. Owning a Cornish Shrimper model comes with a bit of history – the boat is considered a classic and has a number of active patrons who are groped in an active association. These boats are largely used for cruising and racing purposes.

Shrimper boats are rather famous for their defining characteristics like the 3-foot bowsprit or the use of detached rudder. Sitka spruce spars also add to the exclusivity of owning a Cornish shrimper. The detailing includes a lapstrake fiberglass hull apart from classic features like plumb bow and tanbark sails. Availability of a spacious cockpit makes this Shrimper an ideal choice for day sailing for an entire family. Its accommodations though appear very simple but they are highly comfortable.

Cornish Crabbers has provided the Cornish Shrimper with a centreboard that can be used 4 feet with boat-down draft and 1-foot-6-inch in the upward position too. The versatile shrimper is easy-to-manoeuvre using the much trusted trailer-sailor. The model is available in two powerful engine options. This includes an outboard engine or using the inboard, Yanmar diesel with 9-horsepower rating. The coastal cruiser from Cornish Crabbers has a classic cabin with smart two-berth arrangement. You can also opt for the 2+2 cabin. This arrangement is slightly different and comes with a V-berth, portable toilet, and a small galley.

Details of the model boat:

  • Hand-painted half hull. Half Hulls were crafted by ship builders to give three-dimensional shape to their hull designs
  • Crafted in mahogany and tropical hard woods
  • We cover the entire spectrum of popular models, right from contemporary ships to 20th century ocean liners that are still a collector’s dream
  • Get our master craftsmen to help you relive the grandeur of a voyage you have always wished to be part of with these handmade models
  • We stick to a minimum size for every custom-made ship model. This ensures that our designing team gets sufficient room to ensure that every detail of the original boat is captured with precision

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This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht
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