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The Aurora Ship

The Aurora is the fictional ship, depicted in the tenth series of the Adventure of Tintin. This series, known as the Shooting Star, portrays Tintin’s voyage across the Arctic Ocean in search of a meteor. The expedition is led by Captain Haddock, and tells the story of a fierce race between the Aurora and the Peary, to reach the meteorite first.


The Aurora Model Ship

The range of sailing ships featured in the Adventures of Tintin is iconic. These adventures can now be relived with a pre-made model of the ship from the expedition. The sail plans and fittings are exact replicas of the original. Tintin’s sailing ship model combines a traditional hull shape with a noble wooden configuration style. The parts are designed and cut to meet a high standard of quality. Once made, the hull is sanded and smoothed. To finish the prefabricated model, several coats of varnish are applied to achieve an immaculate finish.


Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturers are committed to producing quality ship models, hence each stage of the construction process is carefully monitored and controlled. The team is made up of master craftsmen who work diligently using the traditional skills of plank-on-frame construction. These skills have been developed over many years to create detailed and accurate models of various vessels.

This Vessel Type is Passenger Ship
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