The Endurance

Published on 08/02/23

The story behind the Endurance is one of sheer perseverance, much like her name. The ship was originally built in Norway to be used for tourist cruises to the Arctic. The Endurance was the famous 3-masted barquentine which was chosen by Sir Ernest Shackleton for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914. She was picked for her strength and ability to withstand the polar conditions, and the ship’s name was changed from the Polaris to the Endurance to honour Shackleton’s family motto; “By Endurance we conquer”.

The Endurance was mostly constructed from oak and Norwegian fir, and encased in layers of greenheart wood for additional support. Joints and fittings were cross-braced, to maximise durability, and they were also made of oak. The bow was over a metre thick, and was designed to break through the ice, rather than rise above it. Unfortunately, this strength became her downfall.

The Expedition came to an end in January of 1915, when unprecedented temperatures and heavy winds led to the accumulation of ice, which very suddenly trapped the ship.

The Endurance continued to battle against the packed ice for several months, until she caved in and sank below the icy waters. Facing no choice but to abandon her, the crew departed upon a dangerous and brave journey across the Antarctic, until they were rescued 522 days later.

Our selection of Endurance models are always strong sellers for us, but they saw a surge this year thanks to the discovery of its wreckage back in November 2021, after 107 years. It was found in the depths of the Weddell Sea by a group of scientists, after a project had been kicked off by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (FMHT).

The timbers were found mostly together, however, they were quite disfigured and discoloured. One prominent feature that remained almost perfectly preserved was the name ‘Endurance,’ on the stern.

In the days that followed the wreckage’s discovery, the scientists started compiling a detailed photographic record of the timbers, the hull itself and the surrounding debris. The Endurance’s wreckage is currently situated as a designated monument under the International Antarctic Treaty. Disturbing the wreckage is completely forbidden, and surfacing any remaining artefacts is also punishable by law.

One fantastic kit for intermediate builders is OcCre’s Endurance model, and it serves as a wonderful piece of décor for maritime enthusiasts. It measures in at 76 centimetres in length, 22 centimetres in width and 45 centimetres in height.

- See Above: OcCre’s Endurance Model

Another excellent example is GN’s ready-made model. This particular model measures in at 65 centimetres in length, 14 in width and 64 in height. The level of detail is absolutely astonishing, complete with intricate sails and a glossy wooden finish.

- See Above: GN’s Endurance Model

Finally, we offer our own PSM Premier Range rendition of the Endurance. This can be extensively customised to suit your exact needs and specifications. It can be complete with an antique wax hull finish, or a painted hull for some further detail. The model can also be fitted with a name plate, and the sails can come furled up or down, depending on your preference. This model in particular is absolutely perfect for both maritime enthusiasts, as well as history buffs interested in Sir Ernest Shackleton.

- See Above: PSM’s Endurance Model

Overall, the Endurance is a ship of true fortitude, and the story it has lived is astonishing. You can capture an integral piece of maritime history with any one of these fantastic models, and they all serve as terrific items of quality.

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