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Pirate Ship Models

Pirate ships evoke a range of emotions, from fear to independence and adventure. Tales of pirate adventures are as popular among many young boys today as they were for their grandfathers. Model ship enthusiasts, history buffs, and fans of pirate stories love models of pirate ships. If you love the imagery of daring pirate adventures and the thrill of the open sea, pirate ship models bring your imagination to life.

You can add a pirate ship model from the classic age of pirates to your collection, as well as perfect replicas of pirate ships from modern stories and films. At Premier Ship Models, we cater to the needs of every customer with ready-made models and model kits for avid hobbyists who prefer to build their own ships.

Ready Made Models & Model Kits

In our large collection, you will find intricate models of famous pirate ships from history and culture. Our Pirate Ship model is a replica of ships from the Golden Age of Piracy, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Other popular models in our collection include the intricately designed Chinese Pirate Junk Boat model ship and the Black Pearl model ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Take the pirate adventure to open water with a radio controlled pirate ship model. The Joysway Pirate Yacht RTR remote controlled boat features a seaworthy moulded plastic hull, zinc alloy ballast and aluminum alloy keel, metal geared rudder servo, and a 2.4 GHz for optimal control on the water.
Do you love the feeling of pride and personal satisfaction of building your own model ships? We offer top quality sailing ship model kits of classic sailing ships, historical ships, modern vessels, and pirate ships. Build your own pirate model with our Pirate Ship “Adventure” model boat kit or the Chinese Pirate Junk boat kit. Each kit comes with everything you need to build the model and a detailed instruction manual.

If you don’t find the pirate ship you are looking for, get in touch with us to learn more about our custom pirate ship models. Our expert artisans can design and build a custom model of a specific pirate ship for our collection. Every custom ship is a work of art and extreme care is taken to replicate the original ship. We have created custom models for private collectors, museums, yacht designers, and corporate displays. Browse our website to find ready-made models and model kits or contact us for information about custom models.