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Premier Ship Models has produced some outstanding quality ship models in the last 12 years in our Premier Range. This range is generally of museum quality and award winning model ships. The Premier range is chosen by the most discerning collectors and can be found as design features in elegant homes, yachts, private collections and over 15 global maritime museums. Every item of museum quality model ship in our collection is a flawless miniature of the original ship. Our highly regarded boat models are built by hand-picked craftsman that specializes in detailed design. Extensive research and consultation with the original boat plans and specifications are used to ensure that every detail is created as an exact replica. For the reasons given above, the estimated delivery time for the models in our Premier range is usually a minimum of three months. This time frame is due to the intricacy of the design and time consuming process of handcrafting these model ships. Our collectors and client testimonials will confirm that it is worth the wait! Our award winning Premier Range Models are often found in Museums around the world displayed in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and Portugal Museum, Madeira Museum, Denmark Maritime Museum, and one of our famous ship model was HMS Victory that was displayed on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London and now sits proudly outside the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London – the biggest ship in a bottle. In addition, our ship models are also found in the homes and offices of private collectors in the UK and over 70 countries throughout the world. Other museums that feature our collection are Oxford University Museum of Natural History, American Museum of Natural History, Cambridge University, Addison Gallery of Art, Philips Academy (Gelb Science Center), Eton College Natural History Museum, Staatliches Museum Germany, Danish Natural History Museum, Agder Natural History Museum , Botanical Garden Norway University of Witswatersrand South Africa and Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. There are a few options available with our Premier range, depending on the ship model. Some models allow the option of having the sails down or rolled up for an additional cost. Other ship models come with a standard name plate or you can order a personalized brass name plate. The options for a specific model can be found on the product page. The aim is to offer our clients the option to personalize their ship model and make their collection a one off. HMS Victory with hidden internal lights is one of our finest Premier range ship models recently commissioned. The workmanship that went into producing this model is truly outstanding. It is a beautifully crafted model ship with low lights which brings this vessel to life. Browse this and other handcrafted wooden ship models from our Premier range. You will find details, descriptions, specifications, dimensions in centimeters and inches, and other information on the website. The photographs show the quality of our designs you may request more high resolution photographs if you require. Orders can be placed online for a fast and easy service or alternatively, you may wish to contact us, to discuss any aspect of our ship models or service before placing your order.