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The Eamont historical ship model

The original Eamont ship was built in Cowes, 1858 as an opium clipper. This meant that she was a very fast sailing ship responsible for carrying cargo between trade points; specifically the Eamont was responsible for transporting opium. She was built with teak and mahogany and weighed 200 tonnes. She had a main boom that was 110 feet long and four 18-pounders each side to defend her. The vessel was designed and built for Dent + Co who used it as a clipper ship; the Eamont was very effective in this role due to her lightness, swiftness, and ability to counter attack should she need to.

The Eamont had a fairly dangerous career because she operated along trade routes from 1858 when Japan had opened its borders to foreigners. She conducted trade with Formosa which was a mission that was considered to be very dangerous at the time. She also served as a dispatch vessel between Nagasaki and Shanghai. In September 1838, she was caught in a typhoon that would have sunk her had it not been for the crew cutting her masts.

This model ship was built by Premier Ship Models as a custom project. It was built using the original plans of the ship to ensure total accuracy. The model was built with the highest quality materials and greatest attention to detail. It was handcrafted by model makers with vast experience and expertise. To view our full range of custom model ships please click here.

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This Vessel Type is Clipper
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