SS France Painted Model Ship – OMH (C018)

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C018 - OM

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The SS France Painted Model Ship – OMH (C018) is a remarkable display-ready model of exceptional quality that pays homage to the iconic SS France ocean liner. This meticulously crafted replica is a testament to the fine artistry and attention to detail that brings this historical vessel to life.

Measuring L: 32 inches x W: 4 inches x H: 11 inches, the model exudes elegance and sophistication. Every element, from the sleek hull to the intricate superstructure, is faithfully recreated in stunning detail. The SS France’s distinctive features, such as the carefully painted hull and intricate deck, are beautifully portrayed.

This model ship is an ideal addition to the collection of maritime enthusiasts and history buffs, and it serves as a striking centrepiece for any nautical-themed décor. With its exceptional craftsmanship and historical accuracy, the SS France Painted Model Ship – OMH (C018) is sure to be a source of admiration and a conversation starter in any setting.

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This Vessel Type is Cruise liner
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