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Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship

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About the Ship Model:

A 17th century warship of the British Royal Navy, Sovereign of Seas was built at the request of King Charles I. The order for this lavish ship was placed in 1634 by the king whose desire was to have a giant ship in his Navy. Although the idea was opposed by many, the king went ahead and imposed heavy taxes on his people to meet the high production costs for this beautiful ship. The Sovereign of the Seas, launched in 1637, was a first rate ship of the Royal navy with three decks. Replicas of this ship are very popular due to their outstanding quality and finish.

The Story of Sovereign of the Seas Model

One of the most extravagant ships of the British Navy, the Sovereign of the Seas cost £65,586, a hefty sum which resulted in financial trouble for King Charles I. This contributed to the English Civil War and King being overthrown in 1649.

One of the most armed ships in the world, this vessel carried 102 bronze cannons initially, but its armament was reduced to 90 guns by 1642. Over the years, several modifications were made to the ship and it was renamed like all other ships originally named after royalty. In 1650, the Sovereign of the Seas’ name was changed to Sovereign. This was followed by a further reduction in its cannon capacity and upper works.

Considered to be one of the best ships in the English fleet, the Sovereign first fought in the Battle of The Kentish Knock. This ship served in all the wars of the Commonwealth besides participating in all the great conflicts against the United Provinces and France. Following the restoration of Charles II in 1660, Sovereign was rebuilt as a first rate ship with a capacity of 100 guns and renamed as Royal Sovereign. In regular service during the Anglo Dutch wars, the ship was part of the battle at Orfordness in 1666, Solebay in 1672, Schoonyeld in 1673 and Texel in 1673.

The Royal Sovereign as it was known now underwent a second rebuild at Chatham dockyard in the year 1685 before participating in the War of the Grand alliance against France’s Louis XIV. During her journey into the Irish Sea, the ship participated in the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690 and the Battle of La Houge and Battle of Barfleur at 1692. The ship’s condition had deteriorated over the years and it became leaky and thus laid off at Chatham during the reign of William III. An accident, however, led to the burning down of this powerful vessel in 1697.

The historic warship of the Royal Navy is remembered for its unique history and long service life. Beautiful replicas of this elaborately designed warship can be procured from Premier Ship Models, a leading manufacturer of model ships and yachts. To view more of our ship models please browse our website or feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

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