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Saint Geran Model Ships

The renowned and magnificent Saint Geran was launched on July11, 1736 at L’Orient. She sailed for the first time on November 11, and during her voyage she was commanded by Captain Laurent Aubin Duplessis. The shipset sail for the East Indies, bartering textiles and metal ware in return for spices.

Saint Geran: Wrecked

During her voyage down the African coast by the Cape of Good Hope towards the Indian Ocean,Saint Geranwas attacked by pirate ships. With an 18 cannon battery and the presence of brave soldiers, it was considered able to face a pirate attack. However, in spite of being fast and manoeuverable, the ship was challenged by the sheernumbers of pirate ships that plundered maritime commerce through that period.

Saint Geran then had a round of peaceful voyages until August 17, when she was outstripped by a ferocious storm and was wrecked off the Mauritian north coast, which was known as the Isle of France at that time. Out of a total of 149 crew members, only nine were saved by the islanders. The story of her catastrophic end and the gallantry of the rescue team were the main themes of an epic novel called Paul and Virginia, written by Bernadin de Saint-Pierre, which was published 24 yearsafter the sinking of the ship.

The famous voyage and the illustrious wreck of the Saint Geranmake it a thrilling story. Premier Ship Models now gives you a chance to own a scaled down model of the Saint Geran, which has been crafted using the best materials and matches the original one down to the smallest details. Besides the model of the Saint Geran, we have many other model ships and kits in our collection, so make sure you take a look at them too.

To view other ready-made ship models, browse our many other products or please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models for with any questions you may have.

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