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Eendracht Waterline


The Eendracht was the much-acclaimed 17th century ship,built in 1615 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The ship was commandeered by Dirk Hartogs Van Amsterdam and captained by Dirk Hartog. Eendracht in Dutch stands for “unity” or “union.”It also means “togetherness” or “in concord.”On its maiden voyage, the Eendracht set sail on the 23rd January 1616 from Texel, on a trading venture bound for Batavia in the East Indies (Jakarta).

In a storm, the ship got separated from its fleet and entered at the Cape of Good Hope on 5th August 1616. Eendracht stayed there until 27th August 1616, when the commander Hartog finally thought to set out alone across the Indian Ocean. Almost after spending two months at the sea, on 25th October Hartog surprisingly observed a group of islands which were actually unoccupied at a latitude around 26° South. These islands were earlier strange to Europeans. Hence, Eendracht had officially become the second European ship to visit the Australian continent. The ship finally departed on 27th October. Further, the Eendracht sailed in the northwest direction along the West Australian coastline.

On 17th December 1617,the ship again set to sail for the return journey, departing from Bantam port and bound for Zeeland in the Dutch Republic. This waterline had the armament capacity of 32 guns. Historians believed that the ship Wrecked at Ambon on 13 May 1622. The ship was carrying a cargo of coins, and her wreck had not been recovered.

Details of the model ship:

  • Wood varnish hull with the personalised option of antique brass wax hull
  • Personalised nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • Light colour painted deck
  • Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made ship model
  • Use of durable, premium quality woods including the superior quality hardwoods
  • Rolled up sail along with the customization option of rolled down sail
  • Many of our customized models are exclusive with minimal chances of ever being attempted again – you get exclusive ship models
  • We create handmade exclusive models of the most recent ships, historical ships, ocean liners, tugboats, barges, and luxury yachts
  • Quick shipping for orders from UK & neighbouring locations

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