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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of Crude Oil Tanker

Crude Oil Tanker is one of the many unique custom range ship models offered by Premier Ship Models. This model is handcrafted to the smallest details according to original plans and drawing by skilled artisans. This crude oil tanker model is a perfect replica of the original vessel containing all the design features. The quality and expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models is demonstrated by using high quality materials.

Oil tankers are designed for transportation of oil in bulks and can be divided into two categories. The crude or petroleum tankers are used for carrying large amounts of unrefined crude oil to refineries while the second category, product tankers, are designed to transport the oil from refineries to the final consumers.

Generally,  oil tankers are classified also by their size in addition to usage; in particular the smaller tankers are in the class range of few thousand metric tons of deadweight while the ultra large crude carriers with a capacity of about 550,000 of deadweight. This model by Premier Ship Models is one of the tankers of the so called ‘the supertanker era’. These tankers are characteristic for their enormous length often exceeding 400 metres and the capacity of 500,000 DWT.

The tanker models from custom range by Premier Ship Models can be fully customized to your own requirements, and according to your Company’s fleet. Our customers can choose to define the scale or size of the ship as well as the additional attributes. Customers are also welcome to provide any additional details regarding the ship to create a perfect miniature replica.

Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

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