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  • Fellowship of Shipwrights Society', UK

    Whilst your quality is impressive, you might be letting yourself down by the reasonableness of your prices. Rest assured that we will commit to the same prices - it is part of our raison-d'etre. 

    May 2001

    2017-02-01 02:22:01
  • HMS Victory, Southampton

    If you were at Cowes last week (the 150th anniversary of the America 's Cup), you would have been leaving there with no stock!

    May 2002

    2017-02-01 02:18:32
  • Riva Super Aquarama, London

    Works of art - all of them.

    May 2002

    2017-02-01 02:17:13
  • HMS Endeavour, London

    This model boat will now look fantastic on my mantelpiece. 

    May 2002

    2017-02-01 02:16:09
  • Sovereign of the Seas, London

    My husband is over the moon with his birthdays surprise – usually an impossible feat. 

    May 2003

    2017-02-01 02:14:39
  • Maritime Journalist, London

    I thought that your model ships and the excellent range were about the best commercial model ships that I have seen. 

    May 2003

    2017-02-01 02:13:12
  • Maersk Line, Germany



    just wanted to let you know the vessel arrived savely!

    And it looks damn good! Love it!


    The moment it will be integrated in the exhibition i will take pictures and send it to you.

     Thanks so much for all the help!


    Jan 2017 

    2017-02-01 02:05:31
  • Matt & Jane, UK

    I thought that I would let you know that the HMS Victory model ship arrived safely the other day. Even after seeing the level of finish and attention to detail of your other ship models, when we met on your stand at the London Boat Show, I was still immensely impressed and pleased with the actual ship. Thank you for taking the time to add the additional paint to the hull. It was certainly worth waiting for and will now be a happy and permanent reminder of my childhood in Pompey. I hope PSM continues to succeed as it deserves (hopefully helped by our picture in Canal Boat Magazine this month!!) and I would be most grateful if you would send me a copy of your catalogue so  that I can 'spread the word' to others who will no doubt be equally impressed when I put my HMS Victory ship model on display.


    May 2002 

    2017-01-25 03:20:51
  • Karel, USA

    The two MayFlower ship models arrived this afternoon in very good shape and they look wonderful. We were so pleased they arrived before Christmas. Thanks so much.

    MaY 2002

    2017-01-25 03:19:46
  • Marleigh, USA

    Our ship model arrived today, and Matt is thrilled, he loves it! The husband of one ofour friends may be interested in ordering one of your model ships (it's always the guys, eh?). We'll give him your e-mail address when he's decided.


    May 2003 

    2017-01-25 03:18:58
  • Brenden, UK

    Thank you so very much for the amazing model! When I came round to the showroom a few weeks ago, I was astonished by the quality of the ship models on display and couldn't help wondering and getting quite excited about the ship model I had ordered. I have to say I was stunned when I saw it, not only by the size but the quality! Thank you so much for not only providing a truly first class model ship, but also the very friendly and helpful service. I could not recommend you highly enough. I hope you have an excellent Boat Show, and look forward to seeing you on your return. I got her home safe and sound and she is now sitting on my table in the front room. I spent all the journey home just looking at it!!! Every time I pass by on the way to the Kitchen, I just stop and look (WOW!!).

    May 2003 

    2017-01-25 03:09:12
  • Tony, USA

    A brief note to confirm that HMS Surprise arrived on time and in one piece. ship model I am absolutely delighted with her and thank you very much for your trouble and the unpacking instructions. Should you wish to refer any intending customer in my direction I would be delighted to commend this outstanding and very beautiful example of the modeller's art to them.

    May 2003

    2017-01-25 03:07:20

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