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  • K Gerampinis, UK

    Mr Rehaz

    Yesterday I had the model delivered to me.

    Thank you very much, you've being very helpful!!

    Feb 2010

    2016-05-09 08:18:14
  • Charlie Garner, UK

    Thanks for sending the 1930s Yacht so promptly. I was initially apprehensive about the rigging but it could not have been more straightforward. The boat looks well and I would not hesitate in recommending you based on the service I received.  

    Feb 2010

    2016-05-09 08:17:58
  • Manar Hassan, Dubai

    Dear Premier Ship Models Team,

    The HMS Endeavour has arrived today to Dubai and its perfect! My fiance will love it! Thanks so much for all your hard work getting it here in time and undamaged.

    April 2010

    2016-05-09 08:17:42
  • Hylton Sherriff, UK


    The models have arrived in good order. Thanks for the prompt delivery and good customer service.

    April 2010

    2016-05-09 08:17:19
  • Frank Doubleday, USA


    Ship has arrived. It's beautiful. Thank you.  Please send name plate.

    April 2010 

    2016-05-09 08:17:00
  • Moring Stefaan, Belgium

    Hello Rehaz,

    Thank you very much for the nice model, attached the model next to the real one.

    May 2010

    2016-05-09 08:16:38
  • Leon Malalel, Israel

    Hi Rehaz, The kit arrived Friday morning. I was very impressed from the richness and quality of the model. I'm familiar with Artesania's products but this one is very impressive. I managed to cover the first 14 pages of the instructions and you can see where I'm standing at the moment. Thank you very much for your support during the process.

    May 2010

    2016-05-09 08:16:05
  • Tom, USA

    I purchased the Endeavour model boat from you in April and was shipped to me in perfect condition. Very pleased with the model and our business transaction. 

    2016-05-06 07:53:42
  • John, USA

    Hi I'm now in Sudbury MA. and have unpacked HMS Victory and the cross- section of Surprise. I'm delighted with both. 

    2016-04-25 07:06:54
  • James, USA

    Dear Premier ship Models,

    Today, I received the HMS Beagle. The ship was in excellent condition and met all my expectations. I was especially pleased with the fact that the life boats were painted white and not left natural. I believe this is more accurately represents the Beagle of the day.

    I could not be happier. Thank you for the excellent quality and service. 

    2016-04-25 07:05:25
  • Peter, Netherlands

    Dear Camille, Rashid and Thierry,

    Yesterday I received the Endeavour model in good order.

    Thank you for this superbly crafted model.

    It would mean a lot to me if you could pass on my compliments to the craftsmen who made the model.

    Thank you.


    2016-04-21 04:28:44
  • Hanssy Shipping, USA

    Dear Nawshad,

    Rehana,Rashid, Thanks for what you've done for Hanssy. Nice working with you. 

    2014-04-29 05:57:21

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