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  • David bradshaw, UK

    Thank you model arrived yesterday..must what a wonderful model its loverly...thanks again 


    2017-05-23 04:32:30
  • Arnar Thor Egilsson, UK

    Good Day.

    I got the model of Phönix last friday.

    I have to say it's amazing. It is so well constructed and the details are awesome. It's so nice to see this ship in this way.
    This has been a long process. We spent so much time working on searchng for the shipwreck and then investigating it when we finally found it.

    This model is going to be a amazing show at exhibition and museums in the near future, but I am currently working on launching an exhibition at the Icelandic Maritime Museum.

    Thank you very much for me and thank you for your professionalism and making this possible.

    Best regards,

    Arnar Thor Egilsson

    2017-05-18 02:57:37
  • Tim Carnegie, uk


     Wow. It is looking fantastic. 

     My only two comments are:

     I think their is no need for a spray-hood or if you want to add the glass part with the canvas folded down that would look better.

     A Plain Blue Ensign (on the rear) and RCC burgee (on a pole sticking up from the top of mast) required - see attached.

     Kind regards


    2017-05-17 02:02:48
  • Bob Martin, UK


    Just want you to know that I received the flat pack display cases.  They look great.  Thank you,


    Bob Martin

    2017-05-15 03:04:52
  • Sharon, UK

    Hello Nathan,

    Received the display case in good order.

    Thank you. The quality is great.

    April, 2017



    2017-04-06 07:38:00
  • Tim, UK

    Nathan, the case arrived in good condition. I ended up using acrylic sheeting for the case and it worked well.

    Thank you for your craftsmanship! 

    I have included some pictures of the final product.

    I would be happy to recommend your cases!

    Thank you.


    March, 2017

    2017-03-22 09:15:32
  • Martyn, UK


    Model arrived safely thank you. Delighted!

    Thanks for all your help.


    March, 2017


    2017-03-22 09:14:53
  • Al Gomez, UK

    I received the ship yesterday. I am very happy with it. A small piece had broken loose but we glued back. Also the flag was unattached. 

    It took some time to unpacked it. Maybe they should use screws instead of nails. 

    Everyone that has seen it loves it. 


    March, 2017

    2017-03-22 09:13:48
  • Steve, UK

    Just thought I'd let you know that my model boat arrived safely and is absolutely stunning. I'm amazed at the quality and detail and can't praise Premier Ship Models enough.

    May 2003

    2017-02-06 04:56:57
  • International Festival Of the Seas, UK

    We had a bonus visit us from the Grand Turk – he was very impressed with the sails, riggings and masts of our ship models, which was a considerable delight to us. In his own words, the technical accuracy of the model ships is excellent as this is one part of model making that lets other manufacturers down. 

    May 2001

    2017-02-01 02:30:34
  • WHSmith and Riverbank Studio, UK

    Very very beautiful and affordable too. You will do well.

    May 2003 

    2017-02-01 02:29:02
  • International Festival Of the Seas, UK

    We were lucky to have you as our neighbour, and as a result we had more traffic and hence more sales. 

    May 2001 

    2017-02-01 02:28:05

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