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  • General

    Premier Ship Models Company Information

    Premier Ship Models trades both through the internet and at shows as well a shop in London, UK.

    The company started trading in 2000, with the first web site launched in 2001. This makes us one of the longest running specialist ship model company, and is evidenced by the amount of customer references.

    We are based in the UK, and a registered limited company (registration number 4208528). Additionally, we are UK VAT registered (registration number is 01305396).

    We are also members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the British Marine Federation (BMF).

    We have listed some US agents and distributor contacts on our website, so you can either contact them or us directly.

    2014-05-07 04:18:23
  • General

    How does the ordering process work?

    Online orders - the web site will calculate the total value of your order. No order is processed until we have checked stock and confirmed availability.

    Telephone and email enquiries - We provide you with a quote (on the telephone or by email). Once you confirm the quote, we raise an invoice which is sent to you (usually by email), and process your order once you confirm.

    Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

    2016-10-24 07:17:47
  • General

    Contact us for any information?

    We now have over 500 ship models on our web site. Please click here to request any information.

    2014-05-07 04:18:58
  • General

    Do you offer a price match?

    Our price guarantee is that we will match and beat our competitor prices by 5% for models of the same quality. Please click here to put us to the test.

    2014-05-07 04:20:15
  • General

    Are the ship models fully completed?

    Model ships and boats in our StandardSuperiorPremier and Custom Range are hand crafted, scratch built and ready made. Absolutely nothing to do, except to remove from their boxes!  A few of the ship models in the Standard Range are flat packed, and are marked as such in the model ship description.

    2016-10-24 08:38:04
  • General

    Do you offer model boat kits and r/c model boats?

    Yes we do - we have about 100 model boat kits from different manufacturers. We also supply r/c model boats.

    We can also build your model ship from your own model ship kit. We found a large number of customers who do not (for a variety of reasons) complete their ship model kits. This is also possible for partially completed model ship kits. We provide you with pictures of the ship model throughout the building process. 

    2014-05-07 03:58:38
  • General

    How are the ship models built?

    The SuperiorPremier and Custom Range of ship models are hand-made using plank on frame construction. As far as possible, we use the original plans and drawings, depending on the level of information available from our maritime sources.

    2016-10-24 08:38:33
  • General

    What are your Terms and conditions?

    Please click here for our terms and conditions. 

    2016-10-24 07:17:15
  • General

    Which countries do you deliver to?

    In the last 10 years, we have dispatched our model ships to all continents, including North America (USA and Canada), South America, Europe (New and Old), Middle East, Australasia (New Zealand and Canada), Far East (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China etc) and the Carribbean. In total we have so far delivered to over 80 countries.

    2014-05-07 04:13:13
  • General

    Do you offer custom built ship models?

    To complement our Premier Service, we offer our clients the opportunity to have their own unique ship models i.e. 'Custom Built'. In order to deliver a high quality professional ship model, we require ship plans, drawings and / or detailed pictures of the ship, boat or yacht to be built.

    Initial pictures are usually sufficient to provide a quote. Please contact us for an outline of the custom build process, including our unique Model Maker’s Brief (MBB).

    Whilst the ship models are made, we will keep you updated on progress, and if required provide you with pictures. Typically the duration between receiving your plan and delivery is 12-16 weeks.

    2014-05-07 04:13:58
  • General

    Do you offer restoration of damaged models?

    We now offer this service due to the high volume of clients requesting restoration work on damaged ship models. Please click here to view some examples of recent restoration work.

    2016-11-10 02:06:58
  • General

    Which type of wood is used for your ship models?

    We mainly use teak and sapele wood on our model boats. Other types of wood are used, (e.g. Meranti on painted models, oak etc), and on very large ships, we may use fibreglass. You have a choice as to the type of wood / material that we use, so please let us know if you have a specific request.

    The accessories are made of copper bath and bronze.

    2014-05-07 04:16:54

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