HMS Renown Model Boat Kit -Billing Boats(B604)

HMS Renown Model Boat Kit -Billing Boats(B604) Maximize


  • R/C compatible: No
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Hull Type: Plank on frame
  • Box Contents: Laser cut wooden hull and wooden strips, fittings set, plan and manual.


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HMS Renown Model Boat Kit  

This is a Beginner level kit. Choose this level if you have never tried model building before. These models all have a simple construction. But remember: Even the easiest model takes more than one evening to build!  

This ship is a 50-foot steam pinnace from around the middle of the 19th Century. These boats had a small forecastle, a room for the crew, a boiler room and a cabin. Above the crews quarters was a conical steel base with a permanent universal ring, on which a 3-lb quick-firing cannon or maxim machine gun could be mounted.  

Specifications: Laser Cut Parts Not Suitable for RC

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AM- B604

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