Providence Whale Boat Kit - Artesania Latina (19018)


  • R/C compatible: No
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Hull Type: Plank on frame
  • Box Contents: "Set of pre-cut board parts by high precision laser.Wood, brass and cast iron parts.Cotton hand sewn sails.American wood cherry pieces.Detailed full colour pictures for the assembly. Complete set of full scale plans of the model."

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About the Vessel

This is the popular Providence New England's Whaler Boat that sailed over the rough seas while fighting a whale in the classic story of Moby Dick.  The novel “Moby Dick” portrays the voyage of the Pequod in the story. The author narrates it as a whaling ship directed by Captain Ahab in an obsessive and self-damaging quest for a whale. Moreover, in the pursuit and the advancement of the characters, the novel incorporates the depictions of whale-chasing and seagoing life in the nineteenth century. The ship has a prominent significance in the novel as most of the characters in this fiction are crew members of this Pequod boat, including the narrator Ishmael.

This Providence Whale Boat Kit is manufactured by the Artesania Latina, which is recognised as the largest and most valued builder of kit makers. The company is based in Spain and is the leading European producer of wooden boat model kits, representing modelling of fine wooden vessels. Artesania boat making kits are known for using premium materials. These kits are finished using brass, metal, cast, walnut, and boxwood fittings. Keel, frame or deck parts of the model ship kits are laser cut, which makes them easy to build and the construction process is simplified by clear instructions mentioned in the manual guide that comes along with the boat making kit. The Providence Whale Boat Kit is packed with all the components, which are required to construct an accurate ship model, helping you to capture the finer details of the vessel with ease.

About the Model Ship Kit

  • Scale: 1:35
  • This is a beginner kit
  • The kit includes wood and fittings of high quality, very detailed plans
  • Step-by-step instructions are mentioned in the manual book providing an ease when you build the ship model
  • We offer excellent quality boat models with the highest standards for packing
  • Perfect ship models for corporate gifting purposes


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