Refund Policy

By completing a transaction with Premier Ship Models, be it through a deposit payment or payment in full, you automatically agree to the refund policy outlined below.

The refund policy is different depending on your location as a customer and on the item that you buy. All variations of the refund policy are detailed in this page. The refund will take up to 28 days to process and is payable to the person who made the original purchase.

1.1 If the customer changes their mind about the item purchased, they must notify Premier Ship Models within 14 days of purchase. The customer agrees to deliver the model to Premier Ship Models Head Office at their own cost.

1.2 When the item has been returned, Premier Ship Models will check the returned item for damages. If the item is undamaged, a refund will be given for the item but not for the packing and delivery costs, which must be borne by the customer.

1.3 If the returned item is damaged, Premier Ship Models will attempt to repair it. If repair is possible, then a refund will be given for the item but not for the packing and delivery costs. Any restoration costs will be advised and charged to the customer.

1.4 If the returned item is damaged beyond repair, Premier Ship Models will not issue a refund to the customer. Premier Ship Models agrees to supply photos to the customer to prove damage beyond repair.

2.1 If the model delivered to the customer is the wrong type or size or in any way different to what the customer ordered, the customer must keep the model in the same condition as it was received, including the original packaging it arrived in. This must be supported by the customer through photographs to show the package as it left them.

2.2 For customers in the United Kingdom, once they are ready to return the item as described in 2.1, Premier Ship Models agrees to collect the model at our cost. Once the item has been picked up and delivered to Premier Ship Models, before issuing a refund, they will check the model for damages. The same policy applies as described in 1.3.

2.3 For customers outside the United Kingdom, we will arrange collection and return at our cost and carry at the same process as described in 2.2. Premier Ship Models reserve the right to refund the full amount of the invoice value if collection and return of the item is deemed to be too expensive.

3.1 If the item delivered by Premier Ship Models to the customer arrives damaged or faulty, the customer must inform Premier Ship Models within 48 hours of delivery. The customer agrees to supply pictures of the box and/or damage for insurance claim. Premier Ship Models reserve the right to contact the delivery courier and make a claim before issuing a refund. Premier Ship Models reserve the right to issue a replacement model before issuing a refund.

3.2 If the customer is in the United Kingdom and the model arrives damaged, the customer must package the model as best as possible. Premier Ship Models will arrange a collection of the item at their cost. The refund policy relating to damaged models is outlined in Premier Ship Models Terms & Conditions.

3.3 If the customer is outside the United Kingdom, Premier Ship Models will wait on their insurance claim and refund the client accordingly. We may agree to provide client with a new model while this is going on.

4.1 For any item that is customised, including a custom model or a model that has been personalised or had changes made as per request of the customer, Premier Ship Models cannot issue a refund unless the item is damaged. Client would have been provided pictures of their models for final approval before despatch.

4.2 If the item is damaged, we will not be able to affect the same processes in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. Instead, the item must be fixed. Any restoration costs will be deducted.

4.3 If the customised item arrives as not described, we will refund minus the cost of packing and delivery to you. Any packing and delivery of your order is your responsibility.