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  • Bounty - Length 78 cms Height 65 cms Width 15 cms / Length 31 in Height 26 in Width 6 in

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HMS Bounty Model Ship Kit

This is an Advance Level Kit

Details of Manufacturer

A former RAF pilot named Ejnar (Ed) Billing worked as an architect in the town of Esbjerg in Denmark in the in the early 1950s, whilst his wife ran a hobby shop called Vestjydsk Hobby.

During this period in time, there was no model boat kits from which a boat can be built, Instead there were ready made model boats. Mr Ejnar Billing usually displayed his build up model of a Danish Fishing Boat in his shop.

On one sunny day, a Danish magazine saw this beautiful model boat displayed in the window of the Hobby shop and requested that Mr Billing produces 50 built up models that they could buy for use in a competition the coming summer. The work and time that would be invested in building 50 ready models was a huge task for Mr Billing, so he came up with the idea of making the models as a kit that can be assembled together the same way you will build a ship.

It was at this time the concept of “plank on frame” which is now employed by all model boat manufactures around the world was created by Mr Billing. The model boats used to be produced under the name “VHT” Vestjydsk Hobby Teknik which was changed in 1958 to Billing Boats due to its increasing popularity among model boat builders around the world.

Details of HMS Bounty Kit

This level is for those who already possess the knowledge of building a model ship, or possibly one of plastic. The construction of these models are also quite simple, though you will encounter a number of challenges on the way.

History of HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty was one of the most outstanding master pieces to ever be created and is perhaps the best example of a square-rigged yacht. It has even made its entry into film with movies like Pirates of Caribbean, Treasure Island and Mutiny of The Bounty. Naval history lovers and DIY enthusiasts interested in model boats can purchase model ship kits of the HMS Bounty and assemble it themselves. Well that's a great way to start a collection. Now, let's get to know a bit more about the HMS Bounty and its history.

HMS Bounty: The Famous Mutiny

Considered to be one the most significant events in UK'snavalhistory is the mutiny that erupted on the Bounty. The mutiny broke out on 28 April 1789 and was headed by Fletcher Christian with William Bligh as his opponent. According to accounts there was a major rise in tension among Bligh and Christian. Christian along with his followers sneaked into Bligh's cabin and pushed him onto the deck. Though there was a strong dispute between both parties, the ship remained with Bligh. There were 42 men on board, of whom18 people joined the mutiny, two remained neutral and 22 were on Bligh's side. There was an order by the mutineers to launch the Bounty. More men joined Bligh's camp as they knew if they stayed on board, they wouldlegally be considered mutineers. The Bounty was burnt so as to avoid disclosure and prevent detention. Bligh along with his men left for Tofua on a 7m long boat but were forced to escape after facing unfriendly attacks by the natives.

HMS Bounty remains one of the epic examples of a mutiny in UK's marine history. Imagine the challenge of creating a scaled down imitation of this ship all by yourself! Here's where you can purchase an HMS Bounty model ship kit, which you can actually assemble. We also offer you the option to buy a ready-made model of the Bounty, if you prefer, or a host of other styles of model ship.

By Pam Dowson, buyer of HMS Bounty Kit (UK July 2011). on
Title: Customer feedback on Model Kit
Text: Hi Rehana,

Thank you very much for sending the HMS Bounty Kit, which I received.

My husband was so pleased to receive it, he now has something to occupy his time in the Care Home.

Best wishes
By Mark Stevens ( France Nov 08 ). on
Title: HMS Bounty Model Ship Kit
Text: Dear Mr Lal

Thank you for sending the model HMS Bounty so promptly. I found the company on Google, and you have been most helpful and efficient. The model arrived extremely well packaged, on time, and in excellent condition. Exactly what I had hoped for. Now its up to me.

Thanks again
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