Mississippi (2) Model Boat Kit

  • Mississippi (2) - Length 66 cms Height 19 cms Width 13 cms / Length 26 in Height 7 in Width 5 in

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Mississippi Model Boat Kit

The Mississippi is plank-on-bulkhead construction for easy construction.

A new feature in these kits are molded wooden pieces for the bow and stern sections.This will let you shape them with better accuracy.


Length: 66cm, Height: 19.2cm, Beam: 13cm

Difficulty Level:
Latina rates the difficulty level at three anchors, recommended for intermediate modelers with previous building experience. 
  • Hardwood parts, and pre-cut ribs included for the hull, and superstructure construction. 
  • Fittings include steering wheel, handrails, brass decorations ship's bell, Windows, doors, and chain.
  • Metal parts such as the paddlewheels, chimney heads.
  • Other fittings are brass cables, cotton rigging, brass pin nails, and galvanized wire.
  • Very Detailed Scale Boat.
  • Wood Planked Hull.
  • Metal and Wood Paddle.
  • Plans and Instructions.
  • Static Display Model Only.
Tool requirements:
Paint and Brush.
Tools (Needle Nose Pliers,Nail Nailer, Hobby Knife, Razor Saw, Hand Drill, Sandpaper).

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About the ship:
The first interstate Highways in early America for the commerce and transport of goods were America's big rivers. Goods were once sent on big rafts down the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers to the port of New Orleans.
With the invention of the steam engines, big paddle wheeled steam ships could now navigate against the current. One of the most beautiful of these ships was the famous King of the Mississippi which could be found in St. Louis and New Orleans. Riverboats were jacks of all trades.

They served as highways for cotton and passenger alike. As showboats, they made the long journeys through the vastness of America a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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