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Exceptional Quality Model Kits from Billing Boats

Established in Denmark in the 1950s, Billing Boats has grown to become known as the finest manufacturer of model boat kits in the world. This company’s model ship kit designs are known for their quality and authenticity. Premier Ship Models offers quality Billing Boats in many types of vessels and skill levels to satisfy every enthusiast.

Ship models from Billings Boats are sought after by model building and nautical enthusiasts around the world. The company offers model building kits for many different types of boats and ships, such as famous historical vessels, racing clippers, yachts, modern ships, Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso research vessel, and many other boats and ships. Regardless of the type of boat you prefer, you will find a ship model kit to fit your preferences.

There is a Billing Boats static display model boat for every level of model ship building skill. The company offers model boat and ship kits for Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Experienced, and Expert ranges, so you can easily find a quality model to provide the right level of challenge for every hobbyist.

Billings Boats are known throughout the world for kits that are built with the best quality materials, the latest technology, and Danish craftsmanship. The kits use plank on frame construction and come with the frame components, hull and deck fittings, mast, rigging, detailed ornaments, and other components needed to build the model. The kit includes plan sheets and an instruction model to follow.

Whether you just want to build a model for display or make it radio control compatible, we have model kits to meet your needs. We encourage you to browse through our website to find RC Radio Control model boat kits & ship model kits from Billings Boats at Premier Ship Models. Place your order online for worldwide delivery.