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Artesania Latina has it central center in LaMadrid on the northern Coast of Spain. Besides this they dispose of their own manufaturing plant in the south of China an Office in Hong- Kong. The model ship kits made by Artesania Latina are produced in Barcelona, Spain, and are respected by hobbyists worldwide as among the most detailed and historically accurate ship kits. Artesania Latina ships are created from the exact plans of the real historical ships, and employ wood from real wood planks. The result is a collection of the ultimate wooden ship kits for the amateur modeler. Ship parts are created from such substantive and beautiful woods as walnut, beech, mahogany, and others. Laser-cut ornamentation, fittings, and ship lines add to the realistic feel of the completed ships. Artesania Latina ships cover nearly every historical time period and type of ship. You can find accurate Viking ships, English whaling boats, Mississippi steam ships, American colonial ships, and much more. In addition, you can recreate famous historical ships, such as the H. M. S. Endeavour, the H. M. S. Bounty, the U. S. Constellation, and more. Anyone interested in history, engineering, or seamanship will enjoy these historically accurate Artesania Latina ships. All you need to produce your own scale-model historical ship is an Artesania Latina ship kit and a few accessories, such as basic modeling tools, glue, and paint. Artesania Latina ships are recommended for ages 10 years and older, as they require a significant attention to detail to construct. For those new to model-building, Artesania Latina offers a small line of easy ship kits. These exclusive models are the best of their kind and might take up to 400 hours to finish them as they are made from exact plans and replicas of the real ships, using wood that is cut from wood planks and molded to perfection. Artesania Latina model ship kits are known world wide to produce high quality historic scale model ship kits. Their kits contain everything you need to build the kit except tools, glue and paint. Many parts are laser cut to save you time and effort. A full set of plans and instructions are included in every kit, in addition many kits include a color pictorial to assist in assembly. Artesania Latina, the first of the European manufacturers to produce easy-to-build, generously-sized models, can be credited for popularizing ship model building world-wide. Artesania Latina kits represent a good value, and assure an impressive display model almost anyone can complete.