Model Ship Building

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Kits for Every Model Ship Building Skill Level

Many collectors take great pride and satisfaction in model ship building, continually adding new vessels to their collections. If you prefer to display models that you crafted with your own hands, Premier Ship Models has everything you need to get started. People of all ages and skill levels find an engaging way to express their creativity with our model ship kits.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid hobbyist, a successful outcome starts with selecting a model. Most hobbyists enjoy building model ships of a certain type of vessel or time period, such as models of historic ships from early American history, European history, or World War II. We have models of tall ships, military vessels, cruise ships, speed boats, tankers, and much more.

Selecting the Right Ship Model Kit

Once you have decided the type of ship or boat model you want to build, it is important to choose a model that will be challenging, but not frustrating. Premier Ship Models offers model ship kits in every level of difficulty. Wooden boat model kits for beginners can be found to suit every interest with a collection that includes historical, modern, classic, military ships, yachts and sailing boats. Beginners may particularly enjoy the Andrea Gale, Providence Whale boat, Scotland Baltic yacht, and White Star motor boat model kits.

If you feel ready for a bit more challenge, consider models in the intermediate skill level. These are generally ship model kits with a bit more detail and complex designs. Our intermediate model kits allow you to build replicas of a variety of historic, classic, and modern vessels. Some to consider in the intermediate level include the African Queen, Kon-Tiki, Independence, Blue Nose, or the Absalon modern military model boat kit.

Advanced models are designed to the avid and experienced model ship builder. Experienced hobbyists appreciate the intricacy of the designs and quality of the parts in model kits of renowned model sailboat kits and historical ships. The popular kits in the advanced range include the HMS Bounty, Cutty Sark, Sovereign of the Seas, and Smit Rotterdam model boat kits.

Many avid hobbyists want to include a radio controlled model boat in their collections. RC boat kits enable hobbyists to build models that are ready for the water. We offer a great selection of ready-made and custom RC models of modern sailing yachts, power boats, catamarans, and much more.